Affordable child care is an investment in Alabama’s future

“Anybody who’s ever paid for child care knows it’s cheaper to pay for college sometimes.”

That’s what I told’s Anna Claire Vollers about Alabama’s shortage of affordable child care. Her new article this week examines how expensive child care limits economic opportunity for struggling parents across our state.

Quality, affordable child care is essential for families seeking to escape poverty and participate in employment, education and job training. And while a federal funding increase has allowed Alabama to boost child care subsidies and expanded eligibility in recent years, there’s still much work left to do.

The article highlights Alabama Arise’s recent report on child care funding. It discusses the progress that Alabama has made in the past few years. And it illustrates many needs yet to be met, especially in rural areas and among Hispanic families.

State investment would make a real difference. As I said in the article: “Alabama is a state that puts absolutely no state dollars other than those mandated by the federal government into child care. That’s not true in most states.”

Be sure to read the article. And check out Arise’s child care report for more on how Alabama can and should invest in our children’s future.