Alabama Arise needs your voice now more than ever!

You can have a bigger impact when you unite your voice with thousands of other Alabamians who want to make our state a better place. Please become an Alabama Arise member today.

We’re working to improve state policies and remove barriers to opportunity for Alabamians with low incomes. Here are just a few of the places where these changes would have a huge impact:

At the grocery store

The grocery tax is a tax on survival. Only two other states fully tax groceries, and it’s time to remove Alabama from that shameful list. Arise is working to eliminate the 4% state sales tax on groceries and replace that revenue responsibly. You can help us end this cruel tax on struggling Alabama families by becoming an Arise member.

At the doctor’s office

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 220,000 Alabama adults were trapped in the state’s coverage gap, with no access to affordable health insurance. Another 120,000 people with low incomes struggled to afford insurance. Now, because of layoffs during the recent economic crash, 69,000 more Alabamians have lost coverage when they need it most.

Arise is urging Gov. Kay Ivey to expand Medicaid so all Alabamians can afford to seek the health care they need when they need it. Expansion also would create jobs and bring in more federal dollars to protect our severely distressed health care system. Join our chorus calling for Medicaid expansion.

In urban and rural areas

Alabamians with low incomes struggle with transportation issues every day. Lack of transportation causes job loss and missed doctor’s appointments. And it can cause food rationing for those who can’t get to the grocery store before the cupboards become bare. Arise is asking legislators to help people get where they need to go by investing state money in the Public Transportation Trust Fund. Join Arise and help us make the case.

At the polls on Election Day

As the pandemic continues to rage, it’s more important than ever for all Alabama voters to have an easy and safe way to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Help Arise remove barriers to voting rights.

Your membership will help us make Alabama better

Your donation of $15 or more will strengthen our movement for better state policies. And as an Arise member, you’ll also be eligible to help set our agenda for 2021. Please join us today!

If you prefer to join with a check, please send your donation to Alabama Arise, P.O. Box 1188, Montgomery, AL 36101.