Arise 2020: Break down barriers to voting rights in Alabama

Voting is an essential tool for people to speak out about the future they want. By breaking down barriers to voting, we promote greater civic engagement. And we make it easier for folks to make their voices heard about issues that matter in their communities.

Alabama’s sad history of racist voting restrictions means our state has an ongoing moral obligation to strengthen voting rights. And our elected officials have numerous policy options to remove harmful barriers to voting.

One important step would be to ensure that people who struggle to make ends meet aren’t denied the right to vote simply because they can’t afford to pay court fines and fees. Another would be to streamline Alabama’s voting system by enacting automatic voter registration (AVR), which would use information the state already has to register or update registrations electronically for hundreds of thousands of Alabamians.

These policy changes would strengthen our state’s democracy by extending voting access to hundreds of thousands more Alabamians. That would promote higher civic participation and stronger community involvement. And it would make our society more just and inclusive.

We need you with us as we work to protect and strengthen the right to vote in our state. Please join Alabama Arise or renew your membership today to add your voice to our chorus for change. Together, we can build a better Alabama!