Help prevent voter suppression in Alabama! Sign up today

Voting rights are the foundation of our democracy. That’s why I wanted to share an opportunity for you to help protect those rights in Alabama by training and volunteering as a poll monitor. This opportunity comes through the nonpartisan Election Protection network, which works to ensure fair elections and make sure every eligible voter’s voice is heard.

Click here to learn more and volunteer with Election Protection today.


Volunteers will observe polling stations for things like inaccessibility, improper signage, long lines and frustrated voters leaving the polling place. Volunteers also will be trained in the use of an Election Day hotline to report issues and support voters. This opportunity is in person, but Election Protection also offers remote participation options like voter outreach and social media monitoring.

As you surely are aware, our electoral process – the bedrock of our constitutional democracy – has been under threat from false narratives about the 2020 election and from legislative attacks in recent years. Alarmingly, Alabama lawmakers introduced many bills during the most recent legislative session that would have restricted voting rights. Now is the time to stand up strongly and boldly and defend our electoral process.

The volunteer training sessions for this November’s election will begin next week and continue until the election. If you can’t participate this year but would be interested in being a poll monitor in the future, don’t worry. Signing up at any time will start your process to be trained for future elections.

Please click here to sign up at the Election Protection website if you’re interested in this opportunity. Thank you for your time, and please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions.