Help us raise Alabama’s Census participation!

Arise has partnered with the Hard to Count Collaborative to ensure every Alabamian is counted in the 2020 Census. The collaborative is conducting a texting campaign to reach folks in Alabama who may have trouble hearing about the Census. And they need help from volunteers like you!

Now that the Census Bureau has moved up the response deadline by a month to Sept. 30, this effort is more urgent than ever. Alabama’s response rate is lagging behind, so we have work to do. Our state’s Census participation rate is about 61%, but the national average is closer to 63%.

The Census is important for our state’s future. It significantly affects federal funding for education, health care, child care and other services that increase opportunity for people who struggle to make ends meet. We only have a few more weeks to ensure Alabama gets our fair share of funding for the next decade.

The Census brings money back home to your community! In 2016, Alabama received more than $13 billion for 55 federal programs based on our Census numbers. Here's where some of those dollars went. Health: $4.6 billion. Education: $2.7 billion. Nutrition: $1.6 billion. Housing: $965 million. Family supports: $272 million. Community development: $201 million. Worker supports: $80 million. Source: The George Washington University Institute of Public Policy, January 2019.

You can help without even having to leave your home. Volunteers will attend a brief online training session to learn how to download and use an outreach app. The app will allow volunteers to text people throughout Alabama who may not have internet access or may not have heard about the Census and its importance.

If you’re interested in volunteering for the texting campaign, please email me, Mike Nicholson, at I’d be happy to explain the process, help you sign up and answer any questions. Thanks for helping us fight for Alabama’s future!

P.S. – If you haven’t completed your Census, now is the time! You can fill it out in under 10 minutes here.