Spread the word about Arise this holiday season!

You may have a list of topics that you consider taboo at holiday gatherings. But I hope that finding ways to help Alabamians living in poverty isn’t on that list. When you’re among friends and family who believe life should be better for struggling Alabamians, I hope you’ll make sure they know about Alabama Arise.

Arise’s membership has grown exponentially in recent years, and we hope to continue that trend. As an inclusive organization, we welcome everyone who wants to advocate for a brighter future for Alabama.

We need to bring together people who support Medicaid expansion, payday lending reform and voting rights. We need to bring together people who want to fund public transportation and untax groceries. And we need to bring together people who are determined to break down policy barriers to shared prosperity across our state.

We need your help to do it. Please don’t shy away from helping Arise achieve our vision of a better Alabama for all! Encourage your friends to become Arise members by making a donation in any amount here.

Gift memberships are another way to introduce friends to Arise. Email us at with the names and complete contact info for those you’re sponsoring.