Annual Report

Annual Report 2018

Change and persistence. Those two words, perhaps more than any others, capture the essence of Arise’s work. Sweeping change – the realization of our vision for a state where everyone has a voice and a chance to get ahead – is our ultimate goal. Dogged persistence – the years and decades that our members selflessly devote to grassroots advocacy – is how we seek to make that goal a reality.

Arise members opened 2017-18 by fighting to protect the Affordable Care Act and closed the year by saying goodbye to longtime executive director Kimble Forrister, who retired after 27 years at the helm. In between, we pushed hard against proposals to cut Medicaid for thousands of Alabama parents living in deep poverty and enjoyed important breakthroughs in our efforts to protect SNAP food assistance for struggling families and promote state funding for public transportation. We also welcomed two new organizers, a new policy analyst and a new communications associate.

With our members’ advocacy and support, we’re building a movement for a future with opportunity for all and poverty for none. It’s needed change – and with your help, Arise will be persistent in working for it.