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How you can support Alabama Arise with a gift of stock

Gifting stock to Alabama Arise is easy to do and a smart way to give. Appreciated stock can be up to 20% more valuable than if you sell it and then donate the cash. This allows you to make a bigger impact and save on your taxes.

Donating to Alabama Arise with a stock donation gets you the same tax deduction as a cash gift, but you owe no taxes on the stocks you donate. This contribution allows you to save on your taxes two ways: by avoiding capital gains taxes on the donated amount, and by allowing you to take an income tax deduction. You can make this deduction for the stock’s full market value.

If you want to give by stock, give us a call at 334-832-9060 and we can get you the information you will need.

We’re grateful for your partnership to build a better Alabama for all. If you have any questions about giving by stock or any of our other ways to give, please feel free to call the office or email development associate McKenzie Burton at