Fact Sheet

Revenue options for Medicaid expansion

Alabama’s budget is an expression of our values. Medicaid expansion means healthier families, thriving communities and a stronger economy. Policymakers have a range of options for making this bold investment in a brighter future. Now is the time to choose.

Remove the state deduction for federal income taxes (FIT)

$719 million in new revenue per year

Only two other states offer a full FIT deduction

This money would allow Alabama to achieve multiple goals:

Expand Medicaid (cost: $168 million in first year, $25 million per year thereafter)*

— Remove the state sales tax on groceries (cost: approximately $400 million per year)

— Secure long-term funding for ALL Kids (cost: $38.4 million for 2020, approximately $90 million for 2021)*

Remove the state deduction for FICA payroll taxes

$261 million in new revenue per year*

Only one other state offers a full FICA deduction

Raise the cigarette tax by $1 per pack

► $180 million in new revenue in 2020

Other revenue options include:

► Make large landowners pay their fair share of property tax

► Tax sugar-sweetened beverages and vaping-related products

► Close corporate tax loopholes – for example, enact combined reporting*


* Would require transfer from Education Trust Fund to General Fund