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Actions you can take

Current legislative actions

  • Use your voice! Tell your leaders to expand Medicaid!

Gov. Kay Ivey and lawmakers from both parties have agreed to discuss Medicaid expansion, so we must show overwhelming support. Below, you will be able to send an email to Gov. Ivey as well as use our calling service that can put you in direct contact with the governor's office. When connected, tell them your name and where you live and that you’d like to see Medicaid expanded in Alabama!

Click here to be connected with the governor’s office by phone.

Click here to send an email to the governor.

  • Thank lawmakers for focusing on Alabama's health coverage gap

The Alabama Legislature took a big step forward recently in the push toward closing our state’s health coverage gap. Rep. Paul Lee, chairman of the House Health Committee, facilitated an informational meeting with presentations explaining who is in Alabama’s health coverage gap.

Help us build on the momentum of this March 22 meeting. Thank the members of the House Health Committee for their focus on the health coverage gap.

Click here to send a thank you message to your lawmaker.

  • ACT NOW: Protect Alabama tenants against excessive deposit costs

Every Alabamian deserves safe, adequate and affordable housing. Our state’s Landlord-Tenant Act helps ensure many Alabamians have decent housing for themselves and their families. But the Landlord-Tenant Act is under attack, and we need your help to defend it

SB 242, sponsored by Sen. Keith Kelley, R-Anniston, would remove all restrictions on the amount of the deposit that landlords can charge to renters.

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  • Thank your legislators! Help us get the grocery tax bill across the finish line

We hope you’ve heard the big news: The Alabama House voted Thursday to reduce the state grocery tax!

It was unanimous: 103-0. It was an important step toward a more just and equitable tax system. And it was thanks to years of determined advocacy by folks like you. Now we need to keep up the momentum as the bill moves to the Senate.

We’re closer to reducing the state grocery tax than we’ve ever been before. All 35 state senators have indicated their support for this effort. Please take a moment to thank them for that support and ask them to pass HB 479 quickly.

Click here to thank your legislators!