Action Alerts

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Actions you can take

Current legislative actions

  • Tell your senator: Vote YES on SB 191 to reform civil asset forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture in Alabama lacks public accountability and tramples the property rights of thousands of people, as this Alabama Arise fact sheet explains. Hundreds of Alabamians lose cash, cars and other property under this practice every year. Many of them are never convicted of a crime – or even charged with one. And many people can’t afford to hire a lawyer to challenge these seizures in court.

Click here to email your senator to tell them Alabama needs this reform passed quickly, with its strong protections left intact.

  • Use your voice! Tell your leaders to expand Medicaid!

Gov. Kay Ivey and lawmakers from both parties have agreed to discuss Medicaid expansion so we must show overwhelming support. Arise has recently implemented a call service that will put you in direct contact with the governor and your legislators. When connected, tell them your name and where you live and that you’d like to see Medicaid expanded in Alabama!

Click here to be connected with the governor’s office.

Click here to be connected with your legislators. (Note: You only need to make one phone call. The service will connect you to both legislators.)

  • Tell your senator: Vote NO on SB 294 to keep protections for SNAP recipients

SB 294 is a harmful proposal that would take food off the tables of low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities. We’re asking you to join health and anti-hunger advocates across Alabama by calling your state senator today and asking him or her to vote NO on SB 294.

This bill will create new red tape barriers for Medicaid enrollees and people who get food aid from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SB 294 would cost Alabama tens of millions of dollars to set up and maintain client tracking systems. Most alarmingly, it would take food and health care away from people who don’t jump through complicated administrative hoops.

Click here to use our calling service that will connect you to your state senator. (This service allows us to keep track of how many calls we generate.) Then deliver a simple message: Protect struggling Alabamians by voting NO on SB 294!