Arise legislative update: Feb. 6, 2024

Arise’s Akiesha Anderson welcomes everyone to the Alabama Legislature’s 2024 regular session. She talks about what we’ll be looking out for on our members’ legislative priorities and how you can stay engaged with us this year as we work to build a better, more inclusive Alabama.

Full video transcript:

Hi, everyone. My name is Akiesha Anderson, and I am the policy and advocacy director for Alabama Arise. I am here to give a brief update on the 2024 legislative session.

So if you are not aware, the 2024 legislative session will begin on Tuesday, Feb. 6. In the day prior to the beginning of the legislative session on Monday, Feb. 5, there will be budget hearings that will take place just about all day, and on Tuesday morning, those budget hearings will continue.

And then Tuesday afternoon, the legislative session will begin. This legislative session, we believe that there is a lot in store for Arise and our members and supporters, and we look forward to keeping you posted each week with the updates of what happened at the State House in the week prior.

And so for now, what we are anticipating before the start of the legislative session is that there will be a lot of hot topic issues that come up this session, some controversial issues that we may not be in support of. But we also are hopeful that our legislative priority issues — things related to maternal infant health criminal justice reform, death penalty reform, state budgets, tax reform, closing the health care coverage gap — all those things we hope will be up on the agenda of this session.

And so, again, we look forward to keeping you posted throughout legislative session about how things are progressing. And if you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office.

But we especially look forward to making sure that you all stay engaged with the different action alerts that we send out, contacting your legislator and making sure that your voice is uplifted, to make sure that people at the State House understand and know what it is that you care about and what it is that you would like to see this session.

Take care.