Why Arise’s work is personal to me

Guest post by Kenneth Tyrone King.

My name is Kenneth Tyrone King. I’m proud to serve on Alabama Arise’s board of directors and to count myself as an Arise member and supporter. I’m writing today to thank you for your support, and to let you know that you can double your impact when you give by Dec. 31.

Please take a moment during our year-end campaign to make a contribution to Arise. All year-end gifts up to $75,000 will be matched. If you’ve already given during our year-end campaign, I thank you and ask you to share this message with friends.

Arise and the issues we work on are very personal to me. I previously served time in prison in Florida, my home state. When I got out, despite working hard to restore my place in society, I found so many barriers at every turn.

Since moving to Alabama 11 years ago, I’ve worked hard to build a life for myself; my wife, Diane; and our 8-year-old daughter. It hasn’t been easy. My past has made it hard to find work that pays well. And health problems I’m financially unable to take care of have added stress to our daily lives.

But honestly, all of this makes it even more important for me and my wife to be a part of social change organizing. Since I arrived here in Alabama, I searched for an organization that I could join to make a difference not just in the lives of my family, but also for others across the state.

When I attended my first Arise conference, I knew I had found that group. Policies that Arise champions – like payday lending reform, Medicaid expansion and public transportation – could help hundreds of thousands of families like mine. This is why I serve on Arise’s board, and why I know the importance of your continued support.

Your support for Arise will allow us to continue promoting productive changes for all Alabamians – including me and my family. Please make a contribution to support Arise’s work today.

I’m thankful for the support Arise has received this year. And I wanted you to know about three grants Arise has received to fund important work in 2020. One will encourage higher participation in the 2020 Census, one will engage directly impacted people in Medicaid reform, and one will promote Medicaid expansion.

These grants all require matching funds. That means you can double your impact with a contribution today. All member donations up to $75,000 will be matched dollar for dollar if received by Dec. 31!

Thank you so much for reading this message and for investing in Alabama Arise. I truly believe our work together is transformational, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.