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News Releases

ACA repeal plans would hurt everyday Alabamians

Arise Citizens’ Policy Project policy director Jim Carnes issued the following statement Tuesday, July 25, 2017, in response to the U.S. Senate vote to begin limited debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act:

“The Senate’s 51-50 vote to fast-track a health care plan before even deciding which plan to consider was beyond reckless, but this process is far from over. Senators should oppose any bill that would increase insurance costs for struggling families or send us back to the bad old days of limiting benefits and discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions. We especially urge lawmakers to reject cruel cuts to Medicaid, which provides essential health coverage for children, seniors, pregnant women, and people with disabilities across Alabama and across the country.

“Every health care plan that Congress has considered so far this year would send out-of-pocket costs soaring and would leave millions more Americans, including tens of thousands of Alabamians, without health coverage. If ‘higher costs and a higher uninsured rate’ is your answer on health care, you’re asking the wrong question.

“The Senate should take a deep breath and work together in an open, thoughtful, bipartisan way to preserve the Affordable Care Act’s consumer protections, reduce insurance costs and extend quality, affordable health care to all Americans.”