Fact Sheet

How can Alabama ensure Summer EBT for 2025?

What is Summer EBT?

Inspired by Pandemic EBT (P-EBT), Summer EBT provides $120* in SNAP benefits per categorically eligible child throughout the summer months. (*Indexed for inflation). 

What Can Alabama Do Today? 

Alabama can pull down federal matching funds in 2024 to support implementation in 2025, according to the USDA’s Interim Final Rule for the program.

This would require a $15 million  state appropriation to help refine Alabama’s application process.

Why Does it Matter? 

1 in 4 Alabama children are experiencing food insecurity. Hundreds of thousands of Alabama children struggle with hunger even more during the summer because they no longer receive free school meals.

Who Would Benefit? 

545,000 children across Alabama

What would be the Economic Impact?

$98 Million to $117 Million annually

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